Boat Carpet Cleaning

Indy Carpet Cleaning offers our boat carpet cleaning service to help freshen up your boats so your wife will allow you to park it in the garage once again

All Boat Carpets Cleaned:boat carpet cleaning

  • Fishing Boats
  • Pontoons
  • Speed Boats
  • Ski Boats
  • Cabin Cruisers
rv carpet cleaning

RV Campet Carpet Cleaning

We use a truck mounted hot water extraction system which allows us to get that grime, dander, allergens, and anything else out of your carpet that you may have tracked in from the great outdoors.

We Clean Them All

  • Pull Behind Campers
  • 5th Wheel Campers
  • Motor Homes
  • Popup Campers

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Sustain the life of your automobile’s interior by having its carpet and upholstery cleaned. Indy Carpet Cleaning is also known for cleaning carpet and upholstery in any size car, RV or boat. A lot of people overlook the fact that automobiles need the same type of cleaning and protection as the carpet and furniture in their homes. We suggest adding stain and soil protectors to aid against spills and accidents after a day at the beach or a weekend camping trip. Even if you keep your RV in storage, maintaining the cleanliness of the interior will provide you with assurance that it will always be ready to go when you are.

Indy Carpet Cleaning loves to serve automobile owners who take pride in their vehicle. Our complete extensive carpet cleaning service includes steam cleaning which helps eliminating all the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your vehicle’s flooring. This process helps to thoroughly clean your vehicle’s carpeting.

Without the use of a professional carpet cleaning service, your automobile’s flooring can be ruined. Replacing the carpeting can easily cost you thousands of dollars, depending on the type of vehicle you drive.

Uncleaned carpet and car mats become a breeding ground for bacteria. Without the use of steam cleaning services, your carpeting can hold on to unhealthy germs and your flooring may even breed bacteria from crumbs and other debris that have accumulated on your vehicle’s flooring.

Steam cleaning provides a fresh appearance to older carpeting. Your automobile will appear as if the interior is brand new and steam cleaning will make an RV look as if the carpeting has been replaced. A fresh scent will remain long after professional cleaners have left.