#Top Carpet Cleaning for Apartments Indianapolis

Indy Carpet Cleaning is pleased to announce a special carpet-cleaning price for apartment complexes only. We save thousands of dollars in carpet replacement costs for property management companies throughout Indiana by going well beyond general carpet cleaning. Here at Indy Carpet Cleaning we don’t just clean apartments we take care of the complex as a whole. We stand out by providing free carpet cleaning twice a year for property management offices, common areas and gyms. We create a clean atmosphere not just a clean carpet!

No one cleans your rental properties better than Indy Carpet Cleaning! We have been specializing in the market and this is why in Indianapolis we are known as the “Property Managers Choice”!

We start by hiring the best technicians and we then train them, not just to be excellent carpet cleaning for apartments but to do all types of carpet repairs, upholstery cleaning and water restoration. Finally we test them and certify them by a recognized outside testing organization such as the I.I.C.R.C.

Indy Carpet Cleaning for apartments utilized Truck Mounted and state of the art equipment. We can remove drink dye spills (red, orange, etc.), we do burn repairs, spot dye bleach stains, tinting, patching, pet urine and much more.  We can also apply carpet protection that resists stain and helps maintain the carpet clean for a longer time. Finally, we create a welcoming atmosphere for new tenants by providing free deodorizing service, so your tenants enjoy the smell of a new apartment as one enjoys the smell of a new car.

As income producing rental properties have always been our focus, we pride ourselves in the knowing this business from the “floor” up!! This experience has gained us knowledge as to the choice of adding online booking options as well as online portals to allow you to track work orders and invoices. Most importantly, we are known for our professional 100% guaranteed service that no other company can compete with.