Carpet Cleaners for Property Management

Why Us?

  • Are you a Property Manager or Maintenance Supervisor looking for a full service carpet cleaning & restoration company to service your property?
  • Are you tired of the “get it wet and go” mentality that other company’s demonstrate as they fly through your units leaving stains and other carpet issues behind?
  • Is your new carpet budget gone because your current carpet cleaner either can’t or won’t save those badly stained or damaged carpet?
  • Has your current carpet cleaner either not shown up when they were scheduled or let you down when that last minute move in popped up?
  • Does your current carpet cleaning company also sell and install new carpet for your property?
Carpet Cleaning Property Management
Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning Property Management

Since 2009, we have been servicing Property Management clients all over Indianapolis and surrounding areas. We are a full service Carpet Cleaning & Restoration company specializing in restorative cleaning of badly damaged carpet. The only service we do not provide is new carpet installation.

Because we do not offer new carpet sales and installation, we have no conflict of interest, which means that when we show up, we want to save carpet and we do! If we say it cannot be restored to a rent-able condition and must be replaced, you can be confident that we have no other motivation for that recommendation because once again, we don’t don’t sell or install new carpet.

In addition, we provide free, written estimates for all your vacant units as soon as your tenants vacate so you know well ahead of time the condition of the carpet as well as the estimated cost to clean and restore.

At Indy Carpet Cleaning, we understand that Property Managers and Maintenance Supervisors need their contractors to be available and accommodating especially when those last minute move in’s pop up and we are. Whenever you need us, we will find a way to be.

Our Services

Basic Carpet Cleaning

• Restorative Carpet Cleaning

• Tile & Grout Cleaning

• Complete Stain Removal

• Carpet Repairs

• Carpet Stretching

• Odor Neutralization

• Water damage/ Flood Restoration

• Free written Estimates

Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning For Propery Management