How to remove homemade slime from carpet

Kids of all ages are loving slime, especially the kind you can make at home! Slime is a sensory play but can even be fun for adults. While slime is a lot of fun, it doesn’t seem so great when it gets on your carpet. Don’t worry, have fun, and if you get any slime on your carpet, there’s just a few simple steps to remove it!

Step 1: Begin by pouring a generous (but not too generous) amount of vinegar directly onto the slime. The vinegar should start to break down the glue in the slime and there will be a liquid puddle in the carpet.

Step 2: Take the spoon and begin to gently scrape the slime and vinegar liquid from the carpet fibers.

Step 3: Empty the spoon into a bowl. It will take several spoonfuls before the slime is scraped from the carpet fibers. Be careful not to scrape too vigorously or you could damage your carpet fibers.

Step 4: When there is no more liquid goop to scrape up from the carpet it is time to rinse the remains. Heat up some water in a teapot or just run it through your coffee maker, without the coffee of course. With the hot water, rinse out the remaining residue in the carpet. Again only pour what you need, don’t oversaturate your carpet.

Step 5: Use plenty of dry towels to get as much water back out of the carpet as possible. Be sure to rinse all of the vinegar and small bits of goo from the carpet.

If there is remaining color in your carpet, move to the next section below, if the slime is out, continue to step six.

Step 6: Place some more towels on the area and weight down with books overnight or get the hair dryer out and use the cool setting to get the carpet as dry as possible to avoid prolonged moisture in your carpet.

Removing any Left Behind Color
After rinsing with hot water, you may notice that the slime color is still left in the carpet. The color in homemade slime is food coloring so we suggest removing any remaining color in the carpet with a home remedy for food color removal.

Step 1: First, mix up some mild hand dishwashing soap and water with some vinegar. If you used red dye switch out the vinegar for ammonia.
Step 2: Gently blot on the stain using a clean piece of cloth each time until no more color is lifted into the cloth.
Step 3: If color remains after the dish soap treatment try small amounts of rubbing alcohol alternated with water. Be very careful only to use very small amounts.
Step 4: If the color is still hanging onto the carpet use a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide gently and very lightly applied to the stain. Let it sit for about 15 min to an hour depending upon color saturation. Blot gently with a cloth and rinse with water. Be very careful with hydrogen peroxide on your carpet it can act as a bleaching agent. Test it on an unseen area for colorfastness first.

If you’ve tried the above steps and still have not been able to fully remove the slime or color from your carpet, call your trusted professional carpet cleaning company!