Importance Of Using Safe Carpet Cleaning Chemicals For Pets And Humans

Carpet cleaning is essential for removing bacteria and other harmful substances from your carpet. However, many household cleaning products on the market today are just not safe for people or pets, which is why it’s important to check ingredients before applying any cleaning product to your carpet. In addition, it is absolutely okay to ask a professional cleaner what chemicals their products contain. 

It’s vital to ensure that any carpet cleaning chemicals used in your home are not just human-safe but also harmless to your pets. After all, they are 100% exposed to whatever compounds are used.

The experts advise that it’s best if all cleaners are free from the following:


A dry cleaning chemical known to cause nausea, dizziness and fatigue, and has also been believed to cause kidney and liver damage.


A cleaning chemical derived from coal tar and is also commonly used as a pesticide to kill moths and other small insects. Exposure to Naphthalene has been known to cause confusion, nausea, vomiting and liver damage.


A cleaning chemical which can enter your body by both breathing it in and by it coming in direct contact with your skin. This chemical has been believed to cause liver, and kidney damage.


A popular cleaning chemical that is toxic and the fumes can cause respiratory issues and headaches if inhaled for too long.

Unfortunately, there are many other toxic cleaning chemicals on the market, so it’s beneficial to do your own research so that you can check ingredients for any cleaning product that you plan to use in your home.

At Indy Carpet Cleaning. We use products that have been tested rigorously, and are safe for people and pets. Additionally, our professional carpet cleaning and other cleaning services far exceed just the appearance of cleanliness. 

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