The Benefits Of Carpet Protection

Perhaps one of the most important things you should do to maintain your carpet is to use a carpet protectant. If you have ever wondered if carpet protectant actually works, the answer is yes. Carpet protectant helps to repel water and resist soiling.  When used properly, adding carpet protectant to your carpets the next time you get them professionally cleaned provides some great benefits. 

Prevents Stains From Spills

The purpose of a carpet protectant is to provide short-term water resistance, allowing you more time to clean up a spill.  Once applied, these protectants adhere to the carpet fibers and help to repel spills and soiling. Basically, it acts as an invisible shield for your carpet. It gives homeowners more time to clean up a spill before it causes a permanent stain.  

Extends The Life Of Carpet

Carpet protection also allows for dry spills to be picked up more easily through vacuuming. In turn, this helps to eliminate abrasion on the carpet, which is a major cause for carpet to deteriorate. In addition, it provides long-term benefits as well because it helps to keep dirt from settling into your carpet. Carpet protectants certainly do not act as a cure-all, but they do assist in vacuuming up dry messes.

Enhances The Look Of Your Carpet

Carpets face a lot of foot traffic every day, it may not take long for the high traffic areas to show a dirty appearance. Carpet protector not only repels stains from your carpet, but it will also protect the look of your carpet and preserve its color by keeping soiling at the surface, allowing you to vacuum away much of the soiling that normally penetrates the carpets fibers.

Prevents Odors

Stains from carpet can have the entire room smelling bad and odors can be left behind even after you clean them. Carpet protection repels the odor causing stain from penetrating your carpets fibers which prevents the odor from going deeper, allowing easier removal of the odor.

How Often Should Carpet Protection Be Applied To Your Carpet?

Carpet protection should be applied to your carpets every 18-24 months. While the product does not necessarily quit working, it does tend to wear off over time. Areas with high traffic will need to be treated more frequently, while low traffic areas should need less frequent treatment. 

Carpeting is an expensive investment in your home. Keep your carpet looking it’s best through routine and proper maintenance of professional carpet cleaning and carpet protection.