Holiday Cleaning Checklist

Is your home ready for holiday guests? ‘Tis the season for family and friends to gather near, so most folks tend to do a little extra cleaning in preparation. Here is a checklist of things you can do to tidy your home and make guests feel welcome.


Start your cleaning by putting everything in its place and all your other tasks will go by faster.


Walls get dirty too! Especially around light fixtures, hallways, or anywhere less than three feet off the ground if you have children.

Deep Clean

Don’t forget to vacuum and sweep under couches, behind the fridge and all those other places you don’t usually get to with your weekly vacuum.

Wash Windows & Mirrors

Use a vinegar and water mixture to remove spots, dust, and whatever else is caked on your windows and mirrors.


Dry and wet dust all the surfaces of your home.

Disinfect Your Cooking Surfaces

Wipe down any surfaces where food will be before the chaotic holiday cooking occurs.

Empty the Fridge

Get down to the bare essentials. Throw away the expired stuff and make room for this year’s leftovers.

Clean the Carpet

Check for any stains or dirty traffic areas that might stand out in your well-lit room. If you see any areas that look unclean, it may be a good time to have the carpets cleaned.

Fluff Pillows

To create a fresh and inviting space, fluffed pillows and cushions are a must.

Clean Entryway

Scrub your entryway. Wipe down your front door, give the doormat a good shake, and make sure dust and dirt haven’t collected on floors and furniture legs. These are the first things guests will see when they arrive, so keeping them clean will guarantee a good first impression.

Clean Guest Bathroom

Whatever you do, don’t neglect the bathroom. This is a good time to wash bathroom rugs and disinfect sinks and counters.

In addition to your normal cleaning routine, we suggest having your carpet and upholstery professionally deep-cleaned in order to remove grime and odors that you don’t see.