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The Benefits Of Carpet Protection

Perhaps one of the most important things you should do to maintain your carpet is to use a carpet protectant. If you have ever wondered if carpet protectant actually works, the answer is yes. Carpet protectant helps to repel water and resist soiling.  When used properly, adding carpet protectant to your carpets the next time […]

How To Remove Oil And Water Based Ink From Your Carpet

All inks are made with a liquid, which is either oil or water based. In this liquid, there are different pigments, which gives the ink its color. The stain you see is the pigments attaching to your carpet fibers. Each type of stain from ink requires a different approach to remove it. Follow the steps […]

How To Maintain Clean Tile & Grout

The most popular flooring choice is tile because of its beauty and easy maintenance. There’s just one downside and that is the grout. Since it is porous and often light- colored, it can be prone to stains and damage from water. Without proper maintenance, the grout can also become mildewed or cracked. Proper maintenance for […]

How To Maintain A Clean & Fluffy Shag Rug

There is no denying that shag carpets add luxury and elegance to any room. However, there is one thing most people forget to mention – These soft and fluffy shag rugs can be a pain to keep clean without proper maintenance!  The high pile in these rugs makes it significantly harder to clean than it […]