One of the most widely chosen ways to enhance the look and feel of a home’s primary rooms is through the purchase of top-grade floor coverings and rugs. As most homeowners know, not all rugs are created equal. Of all the different types of rugs, oriental rugs are known as the highest quality and most durable rug ever crafted. For this reason, you’ll want to learn a few tips to maintain your rugs quality long term.

  1. Rotate regularly
    Although some experts claim that you only need to rotate your rug every one to two years, it is usually best to shoot for rotating every one to two months, if the rug is located in a high traffic area. Doing so will allow for more evenly distributed wear, which will give your rug a more uniform look that will help maintain both appearance and value.
  2. Block sunlight
    Over time, sunlight can cause the dye in your Oriental rug to fade dramatically. To prevent premature fading, you should always block sunlight from hitting the rug as often as you can. If this measure is impossible, you should make sure to rotate your rug as frequently as possible to ensure more uniform fading.
  3. Vacuum
    Although all rugs will require vacuuming, it’s especially important that you regularly vacuum your Oriental rug to prevent the natural fibers from becoming packed down by excess traffic. It is usually best to turn off the beater bar when vacuuming your Oriental rug to prevent runs or tears in the delicate fibers.
  4. Spot clean
    Stains can easily develop if you don’t immediately spot clean a spill once it occurs. First, you should dab the stain with a dry cloth to soak up all excess liquid. Do not use soap, bleach, or other common cleaning products on your Oriental rug, since this can damage the fibers. Instead, use only water to cleanse the stain. If water doesn’t remove the stain completely, it is best to consult a professional who specializes in cleaning Oriental rugs to ensure safe and effective removal of the stain.
  5. Utilize padding
    When you place padding beneath your Oriental rug, it helps to keep it stabilized, protect the shape of the rug, and reduce wrinkling. This not only enhances the value of the rug, but also makes them safer and more comfortable to walk on.
  6. Wipe down
    As a safer alternative to beating the rug, you can refresh the surface by wiping the rug down with a cloth or sponge that has been dampened with cold water. This will help remove any surface dust and restore the rug fibers for a freshly cleaned look.
  7. Professional washing
    Experts recommend having your Oriental rug professionally washed every three to five years to prevent dirt and soil buildup and to fully restore the rug’s natural fibers. With the help of a professional rug cleaner, you can extend the life of the rug and enjoy better comfort and quality throughout your use.

Maintaining an oriental rug is very important to preserve its quality long term. Whether you want to sell it in the future, or keep it as a priceless family heirloom, these tips are sure to keep your oriental rug beautiful and worth every penny you invested in it.