How to remove paint stain from the carpet

Aside from carpet cleaning, a new paint job is one of the most inexpensive and time-effective ways to give any home a crisper and newer look. And, remember all those little projects on the back burner? In the summer months when the weather is nicer and schedules tend to slow down is the best time to tackle those DIY projects. Don’t worry about the clean up because we’ve got you covered! Yes, even paint stains can be removed. Today we would like to give a couple basic steps and tips on how to easily remove latex paint from your carpets surface.

Step 1: Contain the spill:

  •  Place paper towels around the paint to keep it from spreading.
  • Use dry paper towels to blot the spilled paint. Do not rub; only blot. Get up as much of the paint as you can with this method, without spreading it.

Step 2: Mix one teaspoon of a neutral detergent with 240ml of tepid water.

  • The neutral detergent must be mild and free of all alkalies or bleaches.
  • Blot gently on the paint stain.
  • Sponge with clean water. Blot.
  • Repeat as often as needed to remove the stain

Note: If you do not know which type of paint is on your carpet, treat it as latex paint first before moving on to more aggressive methods which would be used for other types of paint such as oil based paints. If you have any difficulty removing the stain, feel free to call our trusty professionals at Indy Carpet Cleaning. We’ve got the equipment needed to satisfy your carpet cleaning needs at affordable prices.

How to Remove Carpet Odor




Are you embarrassed by your home’s carpet odor? Or maybe you have a special occasion coming up—a party, a holiday gathering, even an open house—and you want the house in tip-top shape? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tips to get any carpet odor-free and we would love to share them with you. So sit back, take one last whiff, and get ready for clean, fresh-smelling carpets.

The difficulty of your mission will depend largely on how bad that stink is. If you’re facing off with some deep, long-lived odors, you might have have to put in more time, effort, and money than the next person. It all depends on the intensity of your opponent. So let’s get started!

Level One: Start with airing out the place. Fresh air never hurt anyone. Scratch that. Fresh air helps everyone. Including your carpet. So open the windows, turn on the fans, and give that odor some space. Show that carpet odor what he’s missing out on by staying indoors and maybe, just maybe, if you leave the windows open for an afternoon, he’ll be tempted by the cool breeze and sunshine. If not, move on . . .

Level Two: Vacuum. If the odor is new to your place, have you considered that it might just be surface-level? Give your carpet a once-over with the old vacuum cleaner and see if it makes a difference. And if you have pets, use those stronger vacuums and pet hair removal tools to get up everything you can. You might be shocked at the difference it makes, depending on your pet’s shedding habits. Then keep it moving and head on to . . .

Level Three: Go to your kitchen cabinet and pull out the baking soda, that famed odor-eater. Sprinkle the white powder over your carpet, concentrating on those areas which you know to be especially smelly (anywhere you’ve removed a stain in the past, anywhere your dog or child has had an accident). Using a broom, brush the powder lightly down into the carpet fibers. Then, allow it to sit. Really sit. Maybe for two days (no, I’m not kidding). Let it do it’s job and don’t rush it. When you’re tired of it looking like your carpet’s covered in snow, go ahead and sweep up the top layer of baking soda. Use a vacuum to remove ALL of the baking soda. Now sniff . . . Does it still smell? If it does, repeat the whole process and if you can still smell that carpet odor, move on to . . .

Level Four: Use Hydrogen peroxide, but be especially careful this time. Hydrogen peroxide can damage the color of some carpets, so do a test patch before you apply it to larger areas. And if even this doesn’t eliminate that smell . . .

You should probably just call Indy Carpet Cleaning. We’ve got the professional equipment and expertise to get your carpet looking (and smelling) like new. Give us a call today.



The U.S. Building Council’s “Green Home Guide” isn’t particularly complimentary when it comes to carpeting in babies’ rooms. Children are more susceptible to environmental hazards than adults, the authors explain, and carpeting can contain dirt and pollutants. Why the special concern when it comes to the young ‘uns and carpeting? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children:

  • Children breathe more air, drink more water, and eat more food in proportion to body weight than adults do
  • Children’s skin is more permeable to certain toxins
  • Children spend a lot of time on the floor as they learn to crawl and play
  • Children often explore new objects by putting them in their mouths



Here at Indy Carpet Cleaning, we were very interested to learn that the “Green Home Guide” authors recommend against removing carpet from a child’s room if it’s already in place. “It’s better to clean it thoroughly and often than to pull it up,” is their advice. Removal, they explain, may kick up the very particles you’re trying to avoid.


As longtime Indianapolis professional carpet cleaners, we couldn’t agree more with that thorough-and-often guideline, especially when it comes to children’s rooms. In fact, every product we use is certified safe for: kids and pets. Our two-step process includes using a green cleaning solution, then following with a pH-balanced rinse. Using truck-mounted equipment, we’ve found, makes for more powerful extraction and quicker drying, so the children can get back to all that exploring and playing on the floor. If we find there are pets sharing the along with kids, our home cleaning services include using odor neutralizers to break down and convert pet contamination into odorless, inert substances.


Of course, both kids and pets often climb on the furniture as well as around the floor. That’s why our upholstery cleaning technician will carefully select the right steam pressure and non-toxic, child-safe detergents to make your furniture look like new. Rest assured – we don’t just spray a scent on top of the furniture; we get down to the source of the odor and remove it.


At Indy Carpet Cleaning, we’re all about cleaner, healthier homes. As the old saying goes, you have to crawl before you can walk, and that means carpeting in children’s room had be cleaned thoroughly, often – and safely!


By Riv of the Indiana Carpet Cleaning Blog Team


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