How To Choose Carpet For A Home With Pets

Are you purchasing new carpets in a home with pets? It’s important to choose the right carpeting for your home, since some carpet types can be easily damaged in a home with pets. Replacing carpet is a major investment and there are many factors to consider before choosing new carpet for your home. 

  1. Carpet Pile: Cut vs. Looped The best carpet choice for pet owners will have cut piles. Looped piles easily snag on your cat or dog’s nails causing them to fray and tear. Looped piles can also be an irresistible chew toy for your new puppy. Always choose cut piles. 
  2. Carpet Fiber: The two primary choices of carpet fiber are nylon and polyester. This choice can be a little trickier. Polyester fiber is typically more stain resistant, but nylon is sometimes also a good option due to advancements in stain protection treatments. Before making the final decision you may want to ask the manufacturer specific questions related to stain resistance. But when in doubt, polyester is the safest choice.
  3. Colors and Patterns: As a general rule, white carpeting is a bad choice for pet owners. From muddy paws to occasional stains, you will be fighting a constant battle. It may be in your best interest to choose a carpet with colors or patterns that can mask small messes that accumulate between professional cleanings. 
  4. Carpet Tiles: Carpet tiles are gaining in popularity and make replacing small sections of a carpet a breeze. They are an excellent solution if you own a puppy with a habit of chewing everything in sight. It is wise to buy extra tiles when the carpet is installed so you can easily replace any section that becomes damaged or stained. 

By keeping these factors in mind, you should be able to make the right choice for your family with your fur family in mind as well. It also helps to have a reliable carpet cleaning company out for those unexpected accidents!

Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned This Spring

Spring is just around the corner and if you are like millions of other people out there, you will likely be doing some spring cleaning both inside and outside of your home or business. There is just nothing like a freshly cleaned and organized home; cleaning your carpets should also be a part of your spring cleaning routine. There are many reasons why spring is a great time to have your carpets cleaned.

Improve Mental Health

Whether you realize it or not, carpet stains and odors can be a significant factor in stress and anxiety. The worst part of it, it can stop you from being able to relax in your home. Straightening up your home and getting your carpet cleaned is a vital part of spring cleaning for this reason.

Reduce Allergens

A spring carpet cleaning can help with major and minor allergy symptoms. Over the year, allergens, dust, and debris build up in your house. Then, it gets tracked throughout your house from the bottom of your shoes and gets blown in from open windows and doors. Now that these allergen particles have settled into your home, they can cause allergy symptoms once you breathe in the airborne particles, or when you sit on your furniture where allergens and other dust particles have landed.

Remove Winter Dirt

Over the winter holidays, we typically have more people in and out of our home. Not to mention, kids are doing more indoor activities inside your home while they’re out of school for winter break. For this reason, we tend to track in more dirt over the holidays, causing further wear on our carpet, especially in the high traffic areas of our home. Carpet Cleaning removes build up of dirt and other substances which have been tracked in your home over the winter. 

How To Prevent Spreading Of Viruses & Disinfect Your Home

As flu and viruses continue to spread, more and more people are looking for ways to disinfect their living spaces. It’s always a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly and avoid close contact with people who are sick, but there are also things you can do to deep-clean and disinfect your home. 

Remember to clean first, disinfect later

Cleaning refers to the removal of germs from surfaces. Disinfecting refers to the use of chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. Both can lower the risk of infection spread, but you should clean first, disinfect after.

Don’t forget to read the label on your disinfectants. Some need to remain wet for anywhere from two to ten minutes.

Use household cleaners and disinfectants on frequently touched surfaces

Look at tables, doorknobs, light switches and toilets as places to start. Before you disinfect dirty surfaces, clean them with detergent or soap and water.

For disinfecting, you can use alcohol solutions that contain at least 70% alcohol. Don’t use expired products.

Wear gloves and make sure you have good ventilation while you clean

Wear disposable gloves and throw them out after you’re done using them.

If you’re using reusable gloves, don’t use them for other purposes, and wash your hands after the gloves are removed. 

Wash dirty laundry on the warmest setting possible

Use the warmest appropriate water setting for washing the items and let them dry completely afterward. Also, consider washing the laundry bag that holds your clothes, as that surface can also collect germs and viruses.

Clean and disinfect your carpet

Carpets act as a filter for bacteria and harmful substances. We recommend carpet cleaning and disinfecting for the professionals. However, if professional carpet cleaning is not in the budget, you can use an at home steam cleaner with white vinegar as a natural disinfectant. Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and mist it over your carpets. Allow the vinegar air-dry. Get your steam cleaner and fill the fluid compartment with three parts water to one part white vinegar and steam clean your carpet.

Clean And Declutter For The New Year!

After the holiday parties are over and the decorations are put away, your home may need a little cleaning and decluttering. We’re here to help you start the new year off right with a clean home, so we’ve put together a list of things you should tackle for the New Year. 

  1. Declutter your most used space– To kick off your year clutter-free, pick the most used area of your home to tackle first. If there’s items lying around that are rarely used, put them away or consider donating items that haven’t been used in over a year.
  2. Give every new item a home– You may have received a few christmas gifts that are still sitting on the counter through the New Year. This creates unnecessary clutter. As soon as you bring a new item into your home, put it away in a proper and permanent place.
  3. Deep clean your fridge– After the holidays, you may have a fridge full of leftovers. Toss them after a couple days, wipe down shelves and clean the outside of your fridge, including the handle. 
  4. Clean your carpet– Carpet can trap and hold dust, dirt, dander, allergens and bacteria so it’s very important to have your carpets cleaned at the start of each year, if possible. You’ll want to have a professional perform this service if it’s been a year or longer since your carpets have been cleaned. 
  5. Spend 5 minutes tidying up every night– Before you get ready for bed, set a timer and see what you can accomplish in 5 minutes. Do the important things, like taking out trash, wiping down counters and putting things away in their proper place.

We hope you’ll consider adding these home cleaning and decluttering suggestions to your to-do list this New Year, so you can start off the New Year fresh and clean! Happy New Year!

Why You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned Before The Holidays!

Are you hosting guests at your home this holiday season? If your answer is yes, you could probably benefit from a professional carpet cleaning in your home. As the host, you’ll want to make sure your guests have a pleasant time in your home and carpet cleaning can play a big part in that. Here are a few reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned before the holidays.

Make your guests feel welcome in your home!

Removing stains, spots and build up of traffic patterns in your carpet will not only make you feel more comfortable in your own home, but your guests will feel more welcome also.

Make your house smell fresh!

Removing odors such as pet urine will make your home smell fresher and cleaner. The only thing you should be smelling this time of year is the Christmas tree and the holiday cookies baking.

Make your home sanitary!

If you have a big family, there may not be enough seating for everyone to sit around the Christmas tree. Kids naturally like to sit on the floor to play with their toys and will most likely sit on the floor to open their Christmas presents. Keep this area clean and free of bacteria.

Cut down on allergens!

If you have any guests over that are sensitive to allergens or have allergies related to your pets, carpet cleaning will greatly reduce that risk, especially for elderly and newborn members of the family.

Carpet Cleaners can remove stains, pet odors, bacteria and deep set pollen and dust which often trigger allergy attacks. If you think you could benefit from a carpet cleaning this holiday season, call your local specialists at Indy Carpet Cleaning! We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!