Benefits Of Hiring A Professional House Cleaning Company

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional House Cleaning Company

Do you often stress about your house’s cleanliness? Professional house cleaning services are a lot more affordable than you might think. In addition, house cleaning professionals have professional-grade tools and supplies, which means that they can do a great job of tackling even the toughest of messes. Here is a list of some other benefits of hiring a professional house cleaning company.

Save Time

Everyone would agree that cleaning is undoubtedly one of the most time-consuming household chores and trying to squeeze in cleaning into your busy schedule can be stressful. After a long day, you can kick back and relax in a neat, tidy home without having to stress out about cleaning it yourself.

Save Money

The cost of cleaning supplies can quickly add up. When you work with a professional company, however, you don’t have to buy your own cleaning products. Instead, the company brings their own supplies with them.


Another incredible benefit of hiring such services is having your house cleaned with a variety of tools and cleansers. Many companies also give the choice of green cleaning options.

Professional Results

Cleaning services train their employees to consistently deliver excellent results. That means that they will focus on all of the details, taking extra time to thoroughly clean your home. You can trust that every nook and cranny will be clean by the time they are done.


Flexibility is yet another amazing advantage of hiring home cleaning services, as professional cleaners adapt to your requirements. For instance, you are the one who determines the schedule and frequency of the services in accordance with your needs.

Healthier Home

If you or your family members spend time outside of your home, you most likely are exposed to a lot of germs and bacteria. This is particularly true for children who attend daycare or school. Unfortunately, germs like these can easily spread throughout your home, posing a risk to anyone who comes in contact with them. Having your home regularly cleaned and disinfected can help kill these unwanted microbes, helping to keep you and your loved ones from getting sick.

If you have been on the fence about whether or not you should work with a cleaning company, this list should help. Fortunately, whole home cleaning is a service we provide here at Indy Carpet Cleaning!

How To Maintain Carpets After A Professional Cleaning

After a professional carpet cleaning, it’s important to continue to maintain your carpets cleanliness up until your next scheduled cleaning. Maintaining clean carpets will not only benefit your health and indoor air quality, it will also extend the life of your carpet. Consider these tips to keep your carpet clean after it’s been professionally cleaned.

Stay Off Carpet Until It’s Dry

We recommend to wait until your carpet has fully dried before walking on it. You can speed up the drying process by turning on ceiling fans.

Wait Before Moving Furniture

You should not move furniture back until the carpet has dried completely. Moving furniture onto wet carpet can cause carpet under furniture to take an extended amount of time to dry and may cause color transfer or re soiling on carpet.

Clean Stains And Spills Immediately

Always clean up spills and spots as soon as they happen. The longer a spill remains on carpeting, the harder it is to remove it. It’s also important to try a natural cleaner versus using harsh chemicals. Another recommendation is to blot spills as this soaks up the spill, whereas rubbing spreads it and causes it to soak into the carpet fibers.

Vacuum Regularly

Do you vacuum only when your carpet looks like it needs vacuuming? Keep carpet looking clean longer after a professional carpet cleaning by vacuuming regularly, whether you think the carpet needs it or not. Vacuuming removes dirt and particles you may not see. Vacuuming regularly also helps remove allergens and other pollutants carried inside.

Remove Your Shoes

Shoes carry bacteria into the home. If you remove your shoes immediately upon entering your home, you can stop the spread of bacteria, allergens and other contaminants on the carpet.  

Utilize Door Mats 

You can reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria that your guests bring onto your carpet by utilizing indoor and outdoor mats.

Rotate Furniture

Rotating furniture every few months will make way for new traffic areas. When your furniture sits in the same place for years, you’ll continue to walk on the same traffic areas and thus these areas will start to look dingy and fibers will wear more quickly than the rest of your carpet. 

Apply A Carpet Protectant

One of the best things you can do to prevent soiling and extend your carpets life is to have a carpet protectant applied after it’s freshly cleaned. A carpet protectant works to repel spills and dirt from penetrating the fibers. It’s important to have carpet protectant applied yearly as it wears over time, especially in high traffic areas of your home. 

If you’re in need of a professional carpet cleaning, we would love to help. Please use these tips to maintain your carpet in between cleanings and to get a long life out of your carpets.

Holiday Cleaning Checklist

Is your home ready for holiday guests? ‘Tis the season for family and friends to gather near, so most folks tend to do a little extra cleaning in preparation. Here is a checklist of things you can do to tidy your home and make guests feel welcome.


Start your cleaning by putting everything in its place and all your other tasks will go by faster.


Walls get dirty too! Especially around light fixtures, hallways, or anywhere less than three feet off the ground if you have children.

Deep Clean

Don’t forget to vacuum and sweep under couches, behind the fridge and all those other places you don’t usually get to with your weekly vacuum.

Wash Windows & Mirrors

Use a vinegar and water mixture to remove spots, dust, and whatever else is caked on your windows and mirrors.


Dry and wet dust all the surfaces of your home.

Disinfect Your Cooking Surfaces

Wipe down any surfaces where food will be before the chaotic holiday cooking occurs.

Empty the Fridge

Get down to the bare essentials. Throw away the expired stuff and make room for this year’s leftovers.

Clean the Carpet

Check for any stains or dirty traffic areas that might stand out in your well-lit room. If you see any areas that look unclean, it may be a good time to have the carpets cleaned.

Fluff Pillows

To create a fresh and inviting space, fluffed pillows and cushions are a must.

Clean Entryway

Scrub your entryway. Wipe down your front door, give the doormat a good shake, and make sure dust and dirt haven’t collected on floors and furniture legs. These are the first things guests will see when they arrive, so keeping them clean will guarantee a good first impression.

Clean Guest Bathroom

Whatever you do, don’t neglect the bathroom. This is a good time to wash bathroom rugs and disinfect sinks and counters.

In addition to your normal cleaning routine, we suggest having your carpet and upholstery professionally deep-cleaned in order to remove grime and odors that you don’t see. 

Benefits Of Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Would you be more likely to regularly visit businesses with clean floors, counters, and bathrooms? It’s no surprise that a well-maintained business tends to be more successful. In fact, hiring quality janitorial services for your business will reap several benefits, some you might not have thought about. Here are a list of some of those benefits.

Increased Employee Productivity

Your employees are happier when the workspace is fresh, clean, and free from accumulated dust and dirt. 

Reduced Spread of Sickness

Most businesses struggle when a virus is spread from employee to employee. With many of your most valued employees out of the office, production slows. Whether an illness is affecting your sales, delivery, or other area, reducing the spread of sickness is important for a safer, healthier work environment

Professional Appearance

The image you project to customers is an important factor in the success of your business. A clean, sanitary appearance produces a subtle impact on customers, clients, and visitors.

Morale Booster

Even a small business that is kept clean will experience a boost in employee morale, and happier employees attract more business and do their jobs with more pride in accomplishment.

Long Term Cost Savings

Maintaining your office should include keeping carpets, furniture, shelving, desks, floors and other areas free from dust, dirt, and contaminants. A high-quality cleaning helps avoid carpets that become heavily stained and damaged, with deeply ingrained dirt that can only be resolved by installing new carpet at a high expense. The savings can be significant in the long-term.

We understand the importance of keeping your business clean for health and safety, and to create a positive first impression for those who enter your business. Our janitorial services will regularly maintain every aspect of your business so you can avoid problems that become unmanageable and focus on running your business.

How To Reduce Dust Mites In Carpet

Your house can trap all kinds of allergens such as pollen, mold and pet dander. However, one of the most common allergens is dust mites. If you suffer from allergies, dust mites could be one of the main culprits. These allergy-triggering particles can wreak havoc on your sinus system. Here are a few tips for dealing with dust mites and other carpet-related allergens.

Keep it dry: Dust mites, like many unwanted pests, are attracted to humid environments. 

Heat and steam: There is one exception to the above rule: regular carpet cleaning can keep your carpet clear of dust mites, other allergens and dirt. You can rent a carpet steamer at your local hardware store, but if you want to get the most thorough and effective carpet cleaning possible, you may want to consider hiring a professional service.

Vacuum: Vacuuming doesn’t kill dust mites, but it can reduce mites and other allergens as well as promote a cleaner, healthier home.

Dust hard surfaces: Dust mites are attracted to dusty carpets. To prevent dust from building up, it is important that you regularly dust and disinfect all hard surfaces in your home.

Avoid window fans: You should avoid using window fans to prevent bringing more allergens in the home. Window fans can bring dust and dirt from outside into your home, and all that dirt and dust will settle in your space, inviting dust mites in along with it.

A clean, dust mite free home may require a few simple tasks but it’s worth the time to keep those indoor allergies at bay! Fortunately, Indy Carpet Cleaning is here to help!